Gluten-Free and Kosher for Passover Date Ales


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HaNapach 12 Karmiel (or "Meadan Brewery" In Waze)

Great tasting, Celiac friendly, gluten-free beer from Meadan Craft Brewing.

Our beers are produced using specially malted buckwheat or chickpeas, making them one of the only beers in the world using chickpeas as a base. In addition, we are now producing the world's first Date Ale, a beer made from date syrup.

Characterized by a sweet hop aroma, gentle bitterness (37 IBU), and a rich maltiness, Meadan Ale is a unique item in the world of gluten-free brew. The combination of both the stronger gluten free malt grains (5.2-5.3% ABV) and the higher hop value make it the most complex and full-flavored bitter style we can make.

Most people limited to drinking gluten-free brews, rarely get the opportunity to taste something like this.

Currently, we are only selling in Israel. Click here to order now!.

If you are interested in importing our beer, please contact us.