About the Brew

Meadan Brewing was founded to provide a solution for Celiacs looking for a hoppy, tasty beer to help them get through the day. Our beers contain no barley, wheat or gluten whatsoever, making them perfect for all gluten intolerant beer lovers.

In 2006, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. In the beginning, beer was not the thing I missed most after going on a gluten-free diet (that would be pizza, beer's best friend). But, soon I realized how much I wanted a good, cold glass of beer while watching a game, or on a warm summer afternoon. I couldn't find any gluten free beers that I really enjoyed.

So I started brewing my own.

I found a simple recipe for gluten free beer, and since I couldn't find all of the ingredients I needed, I started using buckwheat. After a few mediocre batches and hundreds of bottles, I honed in on the taste I was looking for. A few litres later I had something that both Celiacs and beer lovers in general would like. And that's the story.

In November 2012, Meadan Ales started being sold in limited edition brews.

In December 2012, we started selling shirts.

In May 2015, we opened our new brewery in Karmiel.

In October 2017, we joined forces with HaGibor Brewery and are now one big happy family.

Bryan Meadan

More about Gluten Intolerance:

Gluten is formed when two molecules, glutenin and gliadin, come into contact and bond. Kneading wheat dough creates an elastic membrane, giving bread its chewy quality, keeping the dough sticky. Think of gluten as as the "glue" of the dough. Carbon dioxide is also trapped in the dough by gluten, which it ferments, adding volume.

We have been consuming gluten in the form of wheat and barley for around 10,000 years. There's a debate whether barley and wheat were cultivated first for bread or for beer (probably bread, but its fun to think beer came first).

About 1% of the population has Celiac disease. Another 5% are sensitive to gluten, and lately, thousands are choosing to refrain from ingesting gluten. For Celiacs, the any exposure to gluten can trigger an immune reaction powerful enough to severely damage the villi, brush-like surfaces of the small intestine, causing an array of symptoms, some of which are caused by lack of absorption of needed nutrients. Celiacs need to be cautious with all food, and be diligent to recognize potential hazards such as hydrolyzed vegetable protein, soy sauce with wheat thickeners, and of course beer.

We take special care to make sure that Meadan Craft Brews are safe for all gluten-intolerant. It's important for us that everyone can enjoy the taste of a quality craft beer, even if barley is off the table.

More about Meadan Brewing:

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In October 2017, Meadan Brewery joined forces with Hagibor Brewery. Our Karmiel home is still our production center together with HaGibor Brewery. Along side our gluten-free and Kosher for Passover beers, HaGibor will be brewing beers under their brand, while Meadan will maintain its product line.

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