Amber Date Ale


Meadan Amber Date Ale is a dry brew with pleasant, light, dried dark fruit (date) tones, savory flavour. Hops provide a light floral note, distinct spiciness, and persistent hang. Even without the malts, this ale has a malty feeling. The aroma provides dried fruit notes, spicy hops, with a bit savory/umami tones. Yeasts like a white wine (Muscat or SB). Pours a dark amber hue, with a tight, light-tan head.

A really nice beer considering it is grain-less. The fruitiness of the dates are restrained and pleasant. The light body, crisp carbonation, and bitterness make it refreshing and drinkable.

Alcohol content 5.3% By Volume
Yeast: Top Fermenting Ale
Malts: None.
Calories (100ml): 36

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