Buckwheat Ale


Refreshing, light carbonation, with a luminescent, light hop-bitterness with a relatively persistent hang. Cookie/Biscuit-like nose, toasty, with floral and spicy hop notes. A slightly acidic quality contributes to it’s being refreshing as well. Malts come off nutty and plain biscuit/cracker-like, perhaps a slight cooked-sugar note, and the yeasts, while I was expecting fruity, don’t overwhelm. Pours an attractive, burnt-honey-golden hue, with a nice, very light-tan head (non-persistant in a beer-clean glass).

Alcohol content 5.2% By Volume
Yeast: Top Fermenting Ale
Malts: Buckwheat
Calories (100ml): 36
Like all our beers, 100% gluten-free.

אייל כוסמת